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The word Kobudo means "Ancient weapon way" and as the word indicates it is the art of using weapons. All the weapons used in Kobudo were formerly the farmers or fishermen tools and later used to defend against enemies.

There are two main st yles of Kobudo, the Matayoshi Ryu Ha and Shinken Taira style. Our style is Jinbukan Kobudo and was founded and taught by Sensei Kasuyoshi Kanei, 9th Dan Kobudo. He was a student of both Matayoshi and Shinken Taira.

Sensei Kanei passed away in 1993 leaving his assistant Sensei Masatune Chinen, 9th Dan Kobudo in charge. Jinbukan Okinawan Kobudo have a good and systematic way of teaching.

T he instructors of United Karate Sports Centre dojos tra Sensei J. Measara, 5th Dan Kobudo. He has trained unde Matayoshi and currently training under Sensei Chinen.

This style trains weapons such as Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, Eku (boat rowing equipment), Nunte, Son satsu kon, Sonchaku, Tinbe etc. A variety of weapons dating back to China and Okinawa 1500th century. In martial art, weapons are the advanced staged. With unarmed Kar ate, the Kobudo makes an ideal complement and combination and is a must of all Karateka's.